How To Light Your Dining Room

The dining room can be home to some of the most unique and beautiful designs in a household, and at the center of that beauty is a well-placed and expertly crafted light. When chosen correctly there are many ways that your dining room lighting can be used to not only match the aesthetic and feel of the rest of the house through finish and material but also illuminate the room in a manner that enhances the rooms appearance. This can be achieved through a huge variation of over table lighting ranges, varying in style, colour, size and material.

This can be done through a variety of different lighting styles. Over table dining lights such as one long rectangular pendant or multiple smaller pendants are particularly popular, and they can range to match any style. Single pendants can be used in groups to light a dining table in a line, spreading the light out equally across the width of the table to keep the light focused on the confined space. Grouping single pendants is a great option for spaces with larger dining tables or corresponding shape such as a round pendant over a round table. Longer pendants that take a greater quantity bulbs give a larger illuminating area of affect, ideal for rectangular shaped tables. There are many other factors to consider, such as ceiling height, aesthetic and style in which are detailed below.

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The first thing most people think about when designing the lighting in their dining room is having it match the feel of the room it is placed in, as the aesthetic of a light can either add or take away the rooms overall look. Whether you’re looking for a statement piece or wanting the lighting to blend into the room, the lighting should flow well with the rest of the furniture and décor in the dining room. There are a few things to look for to match the lights aesthetic with the space, an important one being the colour/finish of the light. For example, if the rooms key tones are grey and black, a ceiling pendant light with a black chain will blend in as it matches the rest of the room.

The colour/finish you are looking for will often compliment the style of the light. For example, an industrial/vintage style light will often be complemented with an aged metal finish, a rustic style light will often feature elements of wood or be nature inspired, and a glamourous pendant/chandelier will be complemented with a crystal and lots of bling.

When choosing your lights aesthetic, be sure to keep the shape in mind. The geometrical appearance is important as it makes the whole room feel as if it’s all mimicking a similar shape or common design, which allows the décor and furniture to mix well together. If you have a modern home, try a light with a clean look, usually with one particular shape being the focus of the design. You can then choose to pair that shape with the rest of your dining room furniture such as the table and chair or even in the accessories, or choose to mix and match shapes for a more eclectic style.

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Finally, the last factor to think about with your dining room lighting is the placement of the light. This depends largely on the size of the room, the shape and the ceiling height. If your dining room has a rectangular shape, a longer pendant or multiple single pendants in a line will fit perfectly over a dining table and look as if its making the most of the rooms shape. The drop of the light(s) will depend on your ceiling height, for example if the light is an over table dining light it may hang too low and therefore will not only fail to light the room itself but could become an obstruction. The bottom of your lights should be around 30-36 inches from your dining room table, and if you choose multiple lights they should hang around 30 inches apart from each other, with at least 6 inches from the edge of the table.

The average residential home ceiling is 8ft tall which is suitable for pendants and smaller chandeliers, however many new build homes have an lower average of 7 feet. These home owners will often revert to flush lights or semi-flush lights that have a maximum drop of around 35-40cm. This is preferable so that the lights will not dangle too low becoming a hazard, and instead are higher on the ceiling. Most of our pendants and chandeliers have an adjustable chain, providing an easy way to customize the height to your room. Whichever type of light you are after, our stunning range of interior lighting has an option for every home.

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How to light your Dining Room
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