How To Hang Your Lights At The Perfect Height

Hanging your lights can be challenging, as theres many questions such as how low should the light hang? How much distance should there be between each light? Where should the light be placed? These are all important questions to ask yourself when choosing the perfect light for your room and they can really make a big difference on how much your light will enhance your home.

Hanging a light in a dining room or kitchen

The dining area and kitchen of most modern homes have an average ceiling height of 8 feet, meaning they can often fit a chandelier or a few pendants into that space. The lights should hang approximately 30-36 inches above the table so that they can spread the light over the whole dining/cooking area and to also prevent becoming an obstruction. When lights are used in unison they should be spread out at equal lengths from each other so that they do not look crowded and can illuminate the room equally. The recommended distance to spread the lights apart by is 30 inches, and for single or multiple pendants or smaller chandeliers there should be at least 6 inches of overhang space on the edges of the table.

Recommended lighting height for a dining room

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Recommended lighting height for a dining room

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In some new builds however, homes will frequently have a 7ft ceiling height, meaning that these rooms will often be too small for larger chandeliers and pendants. Ceilings of this height will usually require a semi-flush or flush light instead as they sit close to/against the ceiling and do not take up space. Semi flush lights will usually have no more than 35-40cm drop, meaning they pose no obstacle and can also illuminate the room well. Flush lights however have no chain and are placed onto the ceiling, meaning they are much more ideal for smaller spaces. If you have a low ceiling but a large room, flush lights can still be a great option as you can opt for pairs or multiples of the same light to illuminate a larger area.

Hanging a light in a bedroom

Recommended height for a pendant or chandelier centered above a bed

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In most homes, the standard bedroom height is 8 feet, meaning that chandeliers and pendants are common for bedroom lighting as they spread the light throughout the entire room and look stunning over the bed. However, when lights are hung above the bed you will need to account for the height of the bed so that the light will not be an obstruction every time you get into the bed or are sitting up. The general rule is 1 foot for every 3 inches, meaning that for every foot in height your room is, the chandelier should be 3 inches. For example, in a standard 8 foot ceiling height bedroom, the light should hang no lower than 24 inches. This way the light makes the most of the space within the room without becoming harmful or useless.

If you’re looking for a different look or need another solution for your unique space, you may decide to hang two pendants over either side of your bedside tables rather than being placed in the centre of the room or over the bed. This can be a beautiful alternative to bedside table lamps, and they would not take up any space on the bedside tables. In this design, the drop height of the pendants would be the same as in a kitchen or table, allow 26-32 inches above the surface of the bedside tables. This design can be more based on personal preference depending on your bed style and the shape of the pendants.

Recommended heights for pendant lighting over bedside tables

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How To Hang Your Lights At The Perfect Height
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