Find A Light To Match The Style Of Your Home

Choosing a light in your home can be a challenging decision as the lighting is one of the main stand-out features of every room, which is why you want the light you love to match the interior of the room but also the style of your home.

Having a light that matches your home aesthetic is important to every home owner as it helps make the room feel homely. The first thing to consider when choosing a light is the light structure for your room. If you have a low ceiling (the average home ceiling is 8ft but some new build houses have lower ceilings) you may be limited to certain types of lights such as flush and semi-flush lights. These lights would be better for your rooms as they would light up the entire room without hanging too low and obstructing. However, if you do have a higher ceiling you can choose from a wider range of lights such as chandeliers and pendants to really add to your overall look.

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The second thing to consider when choosing a light is what you want the light purpose to be. If you need to light a large space or light a more practical area such as a bathroom or kitchen, then you need to know what type of light will be suitable for your needs. You will also need to consider how much natural light is already in that room as this will determine how much artificial light is need for day-to-day tasks. If you need to light a big space like your kitchen, it is not recommended that you decide to choose a hooded-light or a light that will restrict the light even though it may look nicer.

Next, think about the colour light you want to go for. Maybe you’re limited to certain colours due to your homes colour scheme. For example if your home colour scheme is grey, go for a light that is crystal or glass with a silver or chrome finishing to it. On the other hand, if your home colour-scheme is more wooden and brassy, go for a light that’s more ‘Antique Brass’ or brushed gold as these colours will tie in nicely with the overall feel of your home. Houses that have a more ‘modern-industrial’ feeling to them, such as brick walls and copper finishing’s, should try lights in colours such as ‘Copper’. You can have different styles of lights but as long as you have the same colour or finishing your interior will all match, for example a Flush light with a silver finish, a Chandelier with a silver finish and a Pendant with a silver finish will all compliment each other across different rooms in your home. But remember to not make your home environment dull just to stay with a light theme as the light may very often need to illuminate a large area.


Once you have found your perfect light, its important to know what colour bulb you want in your light. In more restful areas of the home such as the bedroom, a warm lightbulb would be a good choice as it gives off a soothing glow and is overall more relaxing. Whereas in rooms that need to be well lit such as the kitchen and bathroom, a cool lightbulb would be a good choice as it would give you maximum and bright light exposure which is needed when doing tasks.

Did you know that the colour light bulb you choose will influence the overall décor colour? If you have black décor or a black feature wall in your room, a bright light would work better as it would enhance the colour without changing the colour. Many light interior shades work better with open, brighter and less hooded lights such as Chandeliers or Pendants as the large light exposure brightens up the light walls and décor even more.

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Find a light to match the style of your home
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Find a light to match the style of your home
If you're struggling to find the perfect light for your homes style, we have some tips to make the perfect choice.
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