How to care for your reed diffuser like an expert?

In today’s bustling world, finding solace and tranquility within our living spaces is more important than ever. Home fragrance products, like reed diffusers, have emerged as a popular choice for creating a relaxing ambiance and infusing our surroundings with delightful scents. These elegant and low-maintenance décor pieces offer a unique sensory experience that engages both our sense of smell and visual aesthetics.

In this guide, we will delve into the realm of reed diffusers. Unveiling their inner workings and exploring the simple yet essential practices required to maintain them. From selecting the perfect diffuser to understanding the ideal placement and proper upkeep. We will cover everything you need to know to keep your reed diffuser functioning flawlessly and continuously in your home.

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How to use a reed diffuser?

Reed diffusers are simple to use, here’s the best way to set up your new reed diffuser:

1. Firstly, prepare the surface where you will be unpacking your reed diffuser, as the oil can leave stains on wood and other delicate surfaces. Place a few paper towels under the vessel incase of spills.

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2. Next, prepare the reed diffuser. Remove the reed diffuser from its packaging and unscrew the cap. In some cases the fragrance oil will come in a separate container. You will need to pour this into the vessel. We would recommend filling the vessel ¾ of the way to avoid any over flow.

Oversized reed diffuser at cp lighting & Interiors

3. The, place your reeds into the top of the vessel so they are saturated within the oil. Spread them evenly out so each reed can absorb the fragrance oil.

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4. Leave the reeds soaked in the oil for a few minutes then flip them over so the saturated ends are in the air.

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5. Allow up to 24 hours for the fragrance to fully diffuse.

How often should you flip the reed diffuser sticks?

As a general rule of thumb it is recommended flipping the reeds every one to two weeks. However you may want to adjust this depending on how strong or subtle you want the scent to be. If you notice the scent is becoming less noticeable or weaker that is a good indication the reeds need flipping.

How often should you replace your reed diffuser sticks?

High-quality reeds have a life span of up to six months, but you may begin to notice a decline in scent from the initial month. This is due to the dust and impurities accumulating and obstructing proper diffusion of the fragrance oil through the reeds.

To ensure optimal performance, we suggest replacing your reeds every two to three months, or use a soft cloth to gently wipe the reeds to maintain consistent release of the fragrance in your space.

How to extend the life of a reed diffuser?

Here are some tips to extent the life of your reed diffuser:

  • Choose the appropriate location for your diffuser, avoid placing it in direct sunlight, heat sources or drafty areas. Heat and airflow can accelerate the evaporation of the fragrance oil, reducing the lifespan.
  • Regularly rotate and flip the reeds, this promotes an even absorption and diffusion of the fragrance.
  • Clean the reeds, over time dust and impurities can build up and effect the ability to diffuse fragrance effectively. Use a soft cloth or paper towel to gently wipe the reeds to remove any build-up.   
  • Store any spare reeds, diffusers or refills properly, ensure they are stored in a cool dry place, to prevent evaporation of preserve their freshness.
  • Finally, refill your diffuser, when the oil becomes low you can refill the vessel instead of throwing it away.

How long does it take for a reed diffuser to work?

Reed diffusers typically start working and releasing fragrance shortly after set up. However, you should notice a gradual release of fragrance within the first 24 hours. If you don’t notice a difference within 24 hours you can try adjusting the number of reeds or their position in the diffuser. Also, make sure the reed diffuser is placed in a well ventilated area away from drafts or strong air flow for optimal scent distribution.

Can you refill a reed diffuser?

Yes, many of our reed diffusers can be refilled, we offer a wide range of wonderful; scented reed diffuser refills available which can allow you to continue enjoying your favourite scent without having to purchase a new diffuser. We also stock new reeds which can be purchased along the oil to freshen up your diffuser.

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When should I throw out my reed diffuser?

There are a few indications that it might be time to purchase a new diffuser. Here are some signs to look out for.

  • If you notice that the reed diffuser is no longer releasing a noticeable scent even after flipping the reeds and ensuring proper care, this could mean the fragrance oil have evaporated or become ineffective.
  • Reed diffuser oil usually comes with an expiration date or a recommended shelf-life.  If the diffuser has been in use for a long time and the fragrance has lost its potency or developed an unpleased smell, it may be time to dispose of it.
  • If you notice any signs of contamination or spoilage, such as mold growth or discoloration its important to discard the diffuser immediately. As these signs can indicate bacterial growth.

It’s important to note that reed diffusers have a limited lifespan, a general guideline, if you have had the reed diffuser for around twelve months and you are experiencing any of the above issues it’s a good indication its time to dispose of the diffuser and treat yourself to a new one.

Best reed diffusers for your home?

Reed diffusers are a stylish and effective way of making sure your home stays smelling fresh and vibrant. At Cp Lighting & Interiors we have a ride range of colours, scents and sizes available that will suit any home décor and room size.

The best reed diffusers for your home depend on some factors, such as room size. Consider which room you will be placing your diffusers, a small room will require a small reed diffuser such as our Westminster Sences small fresh fig diffuser. For smaller rooms, placing the diffuser on a surface closer to the center of the room will help distribute the fragrance evenly.

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In larger rooms such as a kitchen or living room, you may want to consider using multiple diffusers. Strategically placed to cover different areas and ensure a consistent scent experience. Or use an oversized reed diffuser such as our Westminster oversized reed diffuser which is perfect for larger rooms.

Shop our stunning collection of reed diffusers here, and receive free delivery on orders over £100.

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