Everything You Need To Know About Console Table Styling

Get set to discover ways to bring charm and style to your living spaces using console tables. From your hallway to your living room, we’ll show you how to make your console table a unique expression of your creativity. Uncover simple tips and ideas to transform your home into a stunning space.

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What is a console table?

A console table is a slim and elongated furniture piece crafted to be positioned against a wall, within a hallway, or at the entryway of a space. It’s called a “console” table because it’s often positioned like a wall-mounted console that is used for displaying objects. They have a flat surface where you can put decorative accessories, keys, mail, or small items.

You can find these tables in a range of styles and materials, from classic to modern, and they serve both functional and decorative purposes. Certain console tables come with drawers or shelves underneath the top, offering extra storage room. Others may be purely decorative, designed to enhance an area’s visual appeal. Because they are so adaptable, console tables can be located in different places like entryways, living rooms, dining rooms, and even bedrooms.

How to style a console table?

Styling a console table means arranging and decorating it in a manner that matches the room’s style; while also being functional and visually pleasing. Here are some steps and tips to help you style a console table effectively:

  • Decide on the overall theme or style you want to achieve. This could be contemporary, rustic, modern, traditional, coastal, etc. Having a clear theme will guide your choice of décor items.
  • Select a central decorative item that serves as the focal point of the table. This could be a large mirror, artwork, an interesting sculpture, or a decorative vase with flowers.
  • Create visual interest by layering items of varying heights and sizes. Arrange items symmetrically or asymmetrically, depending on the style you’re going for. Achieve balance by placing taller items on one side and shorter items on the other.
  • Incorporate functional items that make sense for the space. This could include a tray for keys and mail, a bowl for loose change, or a lamp for added lighting.
  • Add decorative objects like candles, photo frames, small sculptures, or unique trinkets. These items should complement the overall style and colour palette of the room.
  • Introduce a touch of nature with potted plants, succulents, or a vase of fresh flowers. Including plants adds a feeling of energy and liveliness to the table.
  • Stacking books or magazines can add depth and visual interest to the table. Choose books with appealing covers that match the overall aesthetic.
  • Incorporate personal items that reflect your personality and interests, such as travel souvenirs, family photos, or sentimental objects.
  • Consider adding a table lamp to provide both functional and ambient lighting. Positioning a lamp thoughtfully can also boost the table’s visual appeal.
  • Step back and assess the arrangement. Remove any items that feel cluttered or don’t contribute to the overall look. Less can often be more when it comes to styling.

Remember that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to styling a console table. It’s all about displaying your personal style and matching the room’s décor. Feel free to experiment and adjust until you achieve the desired look.

What to put on a console table?

A well-styled console table should include a focal point such as a mirror, artwork, or statement piece. Enhancing the visual appeal, items like flower vases, candles, and sculptures complement each other. Greenery through potted plants or faux options brings life. Functional elements like trays, catch-all bowls, and decorative boxes cater to practicality. Arranged books, personal photos, and travel souvenirs offer a personal feel, while textured items such as baskets and ceramics create a sense of depth. Lastly, use lamps or candles to enhance the lighting and create a more inviting atmosphere.

Laura Ashley Black Henshaw 3 Drawer console table

Can a console table be used as a desk?

Yes, a console table can be used as a desk, though it’s important to consider its size and suitability for your work needs. While console tables are narrower and may lack the ergonomic features of traditional desks, they can serve as functional workspaces in smaller areas. Ensure the table fits your work requirements and test for comfort and usability. Consider your storage needs, find a chair that works, and make sure it’s in keeping with the room’s look. Keep in mind that using a console table as a temporary desk for lighter tasks might be more practical than for heavy computer work.

Can I put a TV on a console table?

Yes, you can place a TV on a console table, but ensure the table can support the TV’s weight and size comfortably. Confirm the table’s stability and consider cable management, ventilation, and remote-control access. Position the TV at a suitable height for comfortable viewing, while also checking for reflections and glare. Organize additional devices and storage if needed, and make sure the TV-table combination fits within the room’s aesthetics and maintains a proper viewing experience.

Can you put a console table over the radiator?

Placing a console table over a radiator is not advisable due to potential interference with the radiator’s heat distribution and possible safety concerns. Radiators require adequate space for efficient heat circulation and obstructing them with furniture can lead to uneven heating and reduced effectiveness. Moreover, the heat produced by the radiator might harm the table over an extended period. To maintain proper functionality and safety, it’s best to leave a gap between the table and the radiator or consider alternative furniture arrangements.

What size mirror should hang above a console table?

Selecting the right mirror size to hang over a console table involves considering the table’s width and proportion, aiming for about 2/3 to 3/4 of its width for a balanced look. The mirror’s height should be in proportion to the table and the wall space, while also accommodating the room’s size. Remember that the mirror’s style, frame, and overall design play a role in how it appears. Keep the mirror centered over the table, at a comfortable height, and ensure it doesn’t extend beyond the table’s edges. Experiment with painter’s tape or a template to find the mirror size that harmonizes with your space and design preferences.

Westminster Sage Faux Shagreen console table and mirror

How high to hang artwork or a mirror above a console table?

The ideal height for hanging artwork or a mirror above a console table can vary based on personal preferences, the size of the artwork, and the dimensions of the table. However, a common guideline is to position the centre of the artwork at around 60 to 66 inches (approximately 152 to 168 cm) from the floor. This measurement matches people’s eye line, making the setup look level and balanced.

These stylish tables give you the opportunity to decorate your space to your own unique taste. When styling a console table, think about choosing a centrepiece, stacking decorative items at different heights, and including both functional and aesthetic elements like vases, candles, and books. The table’s placement plays a significant role in its impact – they can be positioned in entryways to make a striking first impression, in living rooms to display décor, or in hallways as a space-saving solution.

By choosing the right style, adding the right items, and placing console tables carefully, you can turn them into eye-catching pieces that reflect your personality and elevate the look of your home.

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