Endon Lighting: How They Create Their Lights

Endon Lighting is one of the most well known brands in the lighting industry, they have been around for over 75 years and are still releasing new ranges and collections year round. It’s no surprise that Endon has been so successful over the last century as the quality and care that goes into each and every one of their products is undeniably apparent, no matter the size or price. It is this that has kept customers interested and intrigued in their products for decades and is what continues to keep Endon at the very top of the market.

Orphelia Chrome Oval LED Chain Dining Pendant
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Endon Lighting is inspired by their passion for design which began back in the mid-1900s in the west midlands of England. It is because of this history in the industry that has allowed them to develop one of the most vast catalogues in the market today. The lighting Endon offers can vary from huge spectacles of beauty in the form of a dazzling stairway chandeliers to a range of varying single or cluster pendants to even the simplest decorative wall light for your hallway. These lights are designed by the most reliable British designers in the industry and are all individually hand crafted and tested by a highly experienced in house team, assuring that every light functions perfectly while still maintaining their beauty.

Endon’s products have influenced the lighting industry like no other, creating truly unique pieces of decorative attractions for any home that have left lighting companies around the world trying to mimic their designs. Our relationship with Endon Lighting is one of true respect and appreciation as they have become a staple not only on the market but in our brand as well. By reflecting on their influence on what has became today’s lighting industry we can see clearly that they have paved the way for many of the industry’s other well-known faces and inspired those to live up to the expectations Endon has left customers wanting more year on year.

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Although Endon’s product range is large and varied, we have narrowed down the 3 most popular ranges that we are sure you will fall in love with. This first collection is the labelled the Highclere, and is one of Endon’s largest collections they have to offer however each and every one is unique and has its own personality. They have a beautifully traditional feel to them paying respects to the company’s heritage and development by combining industrial themed framework and metal finishes with delicate modern day linen shades to give them their iconic look. The range includes ceiling pendants, floor lamps, table lamps and wall lights meaning no matter which room you are styling, there’s a Highclere product for you.

Highclere Brushed Chrome 3 Light Pendant & Natural Linen Shade
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Our second most popular range from Endon is the Talia collection, a collection of products that combine a curvy sleek design of polished chrome framework with beautiful crystal ring shades. This complete collection contains ceiling lights, a floor lamp, table lamp and wall light and truly stands out in the glamour and sparkle department, it would be a beautiful addition to any home with style. The Talia is a statement to all those doubting Endon’s capabilities with modern style lighting and helps cement Endon’s relevancy in all style departments.

Talia Chrome 5 Light Semi-Flush
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Last but not least, our next popular range has to be the Hansen collection, made up of single pendants, wall lights, floor lights and table lamps in a variety of finishes: brass, nickel and copper. These finishes combined with the simplistic clear glass shades would be a great addition to any traditional style or modern home. Pair with others from the collection for a complete look to add sophistication to any space.

Hansen Antique Brass Floor Lamp
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After all these years Endon Lighting are still improving and evolving their collection to suit the needs of old and new trends alike. We have hundreds of Endon’s finest products to view on our website and if you want to see them first hand we have multiple collections in our Gateshead showroom readily available to view and buy in shop.

Endon Lighting: How They Create Their Lights
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Endon Lighting: How They Create Their Lights
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