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Cream sideboard styled with lamp and flowers 05/09/2023

How to Style Your Sideboard Like a Professional

A sideboard provides essential storage in any room, whether in the dining room, living room, hallway or bedroom.  We use them to stash dining room items like placemats, cutlery and tablecloths, conceal living room essentials like blankets and cushions or use them in the bedroom for storing bedding, makeup or cables.  Yet, functional as they are, we’ve also seen sideboard designs stray from purely practical to design-led pieces, becoming statement furniture that elevates your decor. Learn how to style your sideboard like a professional to make the most of your... Read More

Laura Ashley Brynford Marble console table 14/08/2023

Everything You Need To Know About Console Table Styling

Get set to discover ways to bring charm and style to your living spaces using console tables. From your hallway to your living room, we’ll show you how to make your console table a unique expression of your creativity. Uncover simple tips and ideas to transform your home into a stunning space. Table of Contents What is a console table? A console table is a slim and elongated furniture piece crafted to be positioned against a wall, within a hallway, or at the entryway of a space. It’s called a... Read More


How Many Lights Do I Need in a Room?

We all know how important it is to have the right lighting levels in our home! Especially when creating beautiful interiors – but of course you also have to be practical too. Lighting is a crucial element when it comes to creating beautiful and functional interiors in our homes. It sets the ambiance and affects the overall usability of a space, whether you’re reading, working, or simply relaxing. In this blog post, we will delve into the factors to consider when determining the appropriate lighting levels for your room. How... Read More

Reed Diffusers at Cp Lighting & Interiors 23/05/2023

How to care for your reed diffuser like an expert?

In today’s bustling world, finding solace and tranquility within our living spaces is more important than ever. Home fragrance products, like reed diffusers, have emerged as a popular choice for creating a relaxing ambiance and infusing our surroundings with delightful scents. These elegant and low-maintenance décor pieces offer a unique sensory experience that engages both our sense of smell and visual aesthetics. In this guide, we will delve into the realm of reed diffusers. Unveiling their inner workings and exploring the simple yet essential practices required to maintain them. From... Read More


How to choose the best floor lamp for your space

Choosing the right floor lamp can transform the ambience of a room and provide practical lighting for specific tasks.  With so many different styles and designs available, deciding which lamp fits your space and meets your needs can be challenging. Follow our handy guide on selecting the perfect floor lamp by considering factors such as practicality, size and the types of floor lamps available. Whether you’re looking for a statement piece or a subtle addition to your decor, we’ve got you covered. Table of Contents Consider the light from your... Read More

Laura Ashley green bedside lamp 05/05/2023

Which is the best bedside light? Here’s how to choose

Having the right bedside lamp for your bedroom is an important finishing touch in any home. The best bedside light not only has to fit effortlessly into the style of the room but shouldn’t affect the quality of your sleep or the overall comfort in your bedroom. With so many to choose from in various styles, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. That’s why we’ve created a guide with the different types of bedside lights available and how to choose the right one for your space. Table... Read More


How To Style Laura Ashley Furniture Like A Professional

Laura Ashley is a quintessentially British lifestyle brand who are celebrated worldwide. With over 65 years of experience it’s no wonder they are one of our top selling brands. Known for their high quality products and beautiful designs, they have built themselves a very respectable reputation. At Cp Lighting & Interiors we have a wide range of Laura Ashley furniture to add to your home that can instantly upgrade your interior décor to new heights of sophistication. The new Laura Ashley furniture range is encapsulated in a wide array of... Read More

Bronze modern vinage style lamp 06/03/2023

How To Mix Modern and Vintage Decor Like An Expert

Modern vintage has been a rising trend in interior decor as homeowners and renters mix vintage pieces with more modern styles. Blending old, often inherited pieces with more contemporary styles results in a soulful home full of unique and interesting pieces. Yet, if you’re new to the trend, getting the perfect balance of modern and vintage can seem difficult. If you want to replicate a modern vintage style in your home, follow our guide to getting the right balance, deciding on a colour palette and which key decor and furniture... Read More


How To Save Energy In Your Home

Tips on saving energy in our homes can help us to use and run our appliances more efficiently.  Making small changes in different areas of your home, from kitchen appliances to water usage, ensures you’re not unnecessarily wasting energy – and money. And while energy-saving tips may seem like minor tweaks to your lifestyle, they can certainly prosper a big return over the years. Follow our top tips for saving energy at home as we explore how you can save on lighting, electricity, heating, water and kitchen appliances. Table of... Read More


Find A Light To Match The Style Of Your Home

Choosing a light in your home can be a challenging decision as the lighting is one of the main stand-out features of every room, which is why you want the light you love to match the interior of the room but also the style of your home. Having a light that matches your home aesthetic is important to every home owner as it helps make the room feel homely. The first thing to consider when choosing a light is the light structure for your room. If you have a low... Read More