5 Ways To Make Your Room Feel Bigger

Looking for ways to make your snug flat feel that little bit larger? Or if you’re simply wanting to make your cramped living room or bedroom seem much more spacious than they actually are, try some of these tips for fooling the eye!


Using a curtain rod that it wider than the width of your window will give you enough room to hang each curtain either side of the window, tricking the eye to think that the window is much larger than it actually is. The same goes for height – hanging your curtain rod about 4-6 inches above the window frame will make the window appear taller. Lastly, hanging floor length curtains will draw the eye upwards to create the look of a higher ceiling height.


Overcrowding your room with lots of small accessories will make the room feel even more cramped. Instead, try using fewer larger accessories to style with or one large piece of artwork as this will make more of a statement. Even if minimalism isn’t your thing, with less clutter the room will feel more open and airy.


It’s common knowledge that light paint colour’s help give an illusion that a small room is larger than it really is as it makes a space feel open and maximizes the rooms natural light. For optimum results, try using light paint colour’s such as off-whites and greys, and choose an even lighter paint colour for the wall trim and moldings. This will make the walls appear further back to make your room feel even bigger.


Try placing your mirror opposite a window or somewhere nearby, not only will this increase the rooms natural light and make it brighter but it will make your room feel extended. Try a large mirror to really give the illusion of depth and trick the eye!


Natural light makes a room feel airy and instantly bigger, but what do you do if your room doesn’t have access to natural light? Using light fixtures such as table lamps, floor lamps and the perfect ceiling light can make a big difference in creating the illusion of a bigger space. If you have low ceilings, flush and semi flush lights are a perfect option to have a beautiful decorative light in a room with low ceilings. Even your bulb choice can aid in brightening a space, choose bulbs with higher lumens to achieve this. View our selection of interior lighting and bulbs, we are sure to have the right lights for you and would love to help you design your dream home.

5 Ways To Make Your Room Feel Bigger
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5 Ways To Make Your Room Feel Bigger
Looking for ways to make your cramped space feel that little bit larger & much more spacious than they actually are? Try some of these tips for fooling the eye!
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