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Switches & Sockets

We have switches &  sockets available that can match your interior style. From Matt Black to Bronze we have a range of Switches and Sockets to suit all interior styles. If you want to control the level of lighting in your bedroom or prefer a more relaxing ambient light in the evening we have a range of dimmer switches and LED dimmers to set the scene. These electrical accessories are crucial for supplying power to your home, browse our selection of Switches, USB and USB-C Sockets & More here at Cp Lighting & Interiors.


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Add a twist of aesthetic detail, while not having to compromise on practicality with our switches and sockets.

How many sockets should a house have?

The number of sockets in your house depends on the size of the house the number of rooms and appliances that will be used in the room. The national Electrical Code requires there to be at least on outlet with 2 sockets for every 12 feet of wall space but this is just the minimum requirement. We would recommend 8 for a living room/ family room. For bedroom add 6 sockets and 2 for a hallway or landing.

How do you plan where to put sockets?

Planning where to place your sockets can be challenging but we have some tips that can help you! Firstly, determine the use of each room this will help you identify the areas where you need the sockets the most. Identify locations for fixed appliances like fridge/freezers, ovens and washing machines. Consider furniture placement think about where you will place sofas, chairs and tables and ensure you have sockets close by. Thank about lighting, if you plan to install lamps or other light fittings that require a socket you will need to place on nearby.

It's important to work with a licensed electrician to plan the placement of sockets in your home. They can help you identify the optimal locations for outlets and ensure that the electrical system is installed safely and in compliance with all applicable codes and regulations.

What are the most popular plug sockets?

The most popular plug sockets are the Type G socket which is usually the standard plug in the UK. However, you will need different for other rooms and appliances, such as a shaver socket in your bathroom, or a cooker control socket in your kitchen.  

How many sockets should a kitchen have?

As a general rule we recommend you have at least 8 twin sockets in your kitchen. If you have larger kitchen we would recommend at least 10. It is important to consider where your large appliances like you fridge, over and washing machine will be located as you will need at least 1 twin socket per appliance. Also think about your smaller appliances that will be on your work top such as a toaster, kettle, air fryer, etc; these will need at least 1 socket each.

Upgrade your home with USB and USB-C sockets?

Be sure to add additional charging stations for your home with USB sockets, these are perfect for ipads, iphones and other tablet / devices by allowing you additional charging points without using up sockets.

How to choose the right light switch for your home?

Choosing the right light switch for your home can be tricky but we are here to help! Firstly, consider the functionality you need from your switch. Do you want a switch that can dim your lights or a switch that can control multiple lights in different rooms? Think about the style of the switch, we offer them in a variety of styles, including traditional, modern and decorative. Consider the type of swich you would like, there’s toggle, rocker switches and dimmer switches. Its also important to remember certain appliances will require different switches such as fan isolator switch and cooker control switches

Using an LED Dimmer Switch?

LED Dimming can be a little confusing, and because there are no standards in place for LED dimming, there is no actual guarantee that a certain bulb will work with a certain dimmer. Incompatibilities between bulbs and dimmers can cause flickering, reduced dimming ranges, and can even cause damage and reduce the life span of the lamp. We recommend that you show your electrician your bulbs before purchasing an LED dimmer to ensure they are compatible. 

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